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Everybody deserves pleasure



Congrats for taking the first step in your journey to have a more fun, playful and easy relationship (or attract that relationship into your life) WITH better communication and hotter sex!

Tell me you don't want to know more about what I do...I'll wait.

Okay, so I am a Sex Coach, I work with individuals and couples in 1-1/1-2 eight week coaching programs, individualised to your needs and desires. As well as offering group programs for women and couples, monthly masterclasses on a range of juicy topics and in person bodywork sessions (Vulva Mapping and Anal Mapping). 

Yum right?!

OH and I have just started a podcast called Let's Get It On. You can find it for FREE on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It's a vibe.

I love what I do and I am damn good at it. You can read some lovely words from previous clients on the Work With Me pages.


If you wanna find out more about what I do and what I am about, best to follow me on Instagram because I mostly update that space (websites are a pain in the butt quite frankly, I give away tonnes of free stuff on Insta and am always available in my DMs).


If you wanna keep kicking it old school right here, then you can find out more about how to work with me (and check out my offical bio) via the links below. 


Remember, everybody deserves pleasure! 

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