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Join me (Cindra) ONLINE for an intimate self care workshop like no other...

Not only will we get down with some delicious self care rituals, we'll workshop what is stopping you from prioritising yourself in your life.

My aim is for you to move forward with easily implementing self care into your daily life and understand why it's so damn important!

Doing this live allows us to have a deeper connection, to ourselves and to the like minded babe you'll get to meet too.

Trust me, you need this. Don't let yourself get to burnout level before you do this work!

Our time together will go something like this:

- Welcome and introduction

- Yoga and meditation practice

- Workshop blocks to self care

- Brainstorm simple self care rituals

- Devise your own self care plan and non-negotiables

- Intention setting and farewells, then HAPPY HOUR because why not?! Bring a notebook and yoga mat, wear comfy clothes and come with an open mind and heart!


On Sunday March 22nd, 2pm to 5pm

I will send you a link to the video on Zoom - Please have it downloaded and ready, it's free, to your laptop, phone or tablet. Provide your email address and you will receive your invite at 1.45pm. I will follow up with you via phone if you have any issues connecting.

Your investment is $35, I promise it will be well worth it!

Contact: if any questions.

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