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Distraction kills dreams.


(Even now, as I sit here and write this, I am allowing myself to be extremely distracted. My sister is wandering around the house, talking to me. My niece is about to arrive and no doubt come straight into my room. People are talking outside. My phone is right beside me (terrible I know) and I am awaiting a reply on a message.)

We truly are prisoners of our own minds.

We want something, SO badly. To write a book (in my case). To change careers. To go on an overseas adventure.

Yet. It stops there. In our dreams.

It's almost like, we put it over THERE. And we stay here. We purposely put it out of reach so we don't have to stretch.

We are petrified of getting out of our comfort zones, all of us, even me. So damn scared. Because we don't know what is going to happen there. It's out of our control.

So instead we stay. We let dreams be dreams, instead of realities.

We hold ourselves back from even TRYING to achieve them for fear of not getting there. Fear of things not working out as we'd like them to. Fear of failure (perceived).

This comes up for me time and time again, as i'm sure it does for others too.

It's the worst kind of self-sabotage, because it is almost an ingrained part of society. It is acceptable to sit around scrolling on our phones, wiling away potentially important pockets of time. There are many memes about how much time we waste on the internet, especially social media.

We are so desperate to cling onto being comfortable that we cling on to distractions and make them more important than what we actually want to do.

Like when you find yourself cleaning the house instead of making that one important phone call that could change your life. Instead of stepping into the unknown, it feels less scary to stay where it's safe.

But what would happen if we were to step forward? Step toward that shit that scares us so much. There are no guarantees of our safety. That things are going to turn out right.

On the flip side, what if we stay safe? There is actually no promises there either.

Our lives are constantly on the edge of an earthquake or cyclone. We can't tell if we are headed toward tragedy and despair or the most beautiful joy.

All we can control is our choices.

So, is you choice going to be to stand back and shrug?

Or are you going to step forward, no matter how much you are trembling.

Take a chance on yourself. Hedge your bets and move toward the direction of your dreams. Your first steps will be the smallest and the hardest, by far. They might seem insignificant, but the universe doesn't care, as long as you are moving.

Trust me, it is those first baby steps that allow your vibration to start to rise and momentum to begin. Sure, it's not easy. But nothing is.

Just shut your eyes tightly and fucking move.

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