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Because when you show the world your inner scars, they’re not yours anymore, they are released, they are free and they are transformed.

I just finished a two and a half hour yoga class with the gorgeous Meghan Currie, but it was more like a journey through my soul. Peeling back the layers as we moved and breathed and sighed and meditated as one.

There are some moments in life that just touch your inner self and this class was one long two and a half hour unravelling.

Let’s face it, the last twelve months have been one whole period of complete and utter unraveling. Nothing is the same. Except for me. But not even me.

My life looks completely different…I am not sharing my life with the same person. I am not living in the same place. I do not have the same priorities. I do not have the same responsibilities. I am not running the same business.

My mindset has shifted significantly. My intentions and desires for life have become more clear.

And prior to the class, I caught a glimpse of a new life with the old life without me in it and I cried. I let it all out...As I stepped onto my mat, I knew my practice today was going to be a dedication of love.

To the love of letting go. To the old love. To the new love. To a higher love. A higher love.

Meghan encourage us to set an intention and we re-visited it throughout the practice.

Love, love, love, a higher love.

A love that takes me away from the pain. The drama. The fluctuations of my mind that are really reflections of my ego which are really glimmers of fear. Take me there.

And then she said those powerful words which vibed with my deepest being…”Vulnerability is radiance.”

Let it out. Embody it. Radiate your truth.

The more I dive into being vulnerable. Writing and sharing. Connecting more deeply. Offering my services to you. The more it lifts me up.

Vulnerable living is open living, being receptive to the universe, accepting more opportunities. Being more in flow. This might all sound like a bunch of hippy shit, which in one sense it is, but when you feel it…It just makes sense.

Yet. We are mostly all living with our cards held tightly to our chests.

We’re so scared that someone will call us out. That someone will decide that we’re not good enough, not worthy, can’t play our roles well enough…

So we put up happy pictures. Smiling ones. We filter out the ones that don’t look good. Guilty. We use filters. Guilty. We show all the amazing stuff. We don’t show the times that we are struggling so much. Because, maybe people will judge us. Maybe people will think we’re drowning.

Well, fuck that. So what if you’re drowning? You have to drown a little to learn how to float.

To be vulnerable is actually to be strong. Strength is born out of adversity.

Not only that, but vulnerability is connection. Vulnerability is soul. Vulnerability radiates out into the universe and touches people.

Everytime I post something from the depths of my heart, often with a little hesitation, I always get at least one message or comment from someone (maybe you, thankyou) to let me know my experience and my writing resonated with them. It helps connect us.

I invite you to be vunerable. Even if it feels like the hardest thing you will ever do. It gets easier.

It doesn’t have to be some big social media announcement, if you don’t want it to be.

It could be speaking your truth to a loved one. It could be speaking up for yourself to your boss or speaking out to your family.

Or it could simply be connecting what’s in your heart. And acknowledging that and living that.

Radiate my friend. Let your vulnerability shine xox

Want to learn how to embrace your vulnerability?

I help people like you identify and shift blocks that may be holding you back from being REAL, from living your desired life.

Are you in?

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