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Do you REALLY wanna be free?


It has been one of my core desired feelings for however long I have known about them (if you don't know you need to read Danielle LaPorte's book, The Desire Map).

Yet, every time I dedicate space to exploring it, it continues to elude me.

What the fuck is true freedom? How in this modern world do we even capture it?

Or is it impossible to achieve?

Really, if you're reading this right now, there are not many reasons you couldn't be "free".

You could probably free yourself from work by just not showing up.

You could shut down your social media, throw your phone in the ocean and your laptop too and be done with being online.

You could get in your car or on your bike or on foot and walk away from your house.

You could refuse to wear shoes or a shirt for that matter, let your hair turn to dreadlocks and embrace body hair.

You could do all of this and still not be free. You could live off grid and be stuck in your own shit.

Freedom is a state of mind as much as it is a way of life. In fact, if we don't shift our thinking towards feeling free first, we'll never be able to achieve it by only changing our physical existence.

My 2018 intentions invoked this (excerpt from my journal):

Freedom is everything...





be wild

say YES

be open


seek opportunity

see things differently.

But what I didn't consider was how it FEELS to be free. Because that feeling is what I am really chasing and it's what we need to aim for if we want to truly be free.

Feeling free is...








Those are attributes I can aim to embody. And being free in my mind will lead to freedom in my physical existence.

So. You really want to be free?

You gotta live it. You gotta be it. You gotta dive deep in it.

We can manifest and dream and meditate all we want. But unless we set some solid intentions, with feeling, it ain't ever going to become reality.

This year for me is all about finally capturing that elusive freedom and living it.

What's yours going to look like?

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