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No-one can be BARBIE.

So stop fucking trying...

Barbie is myth, you get that right? She is a made-up concept, a size and shape and personality that is not attainable for an actual human to achieve.

According to The Daily Mail, if Barbie was a real woman she'd be forced to walk on all fours and would be physically incapable of lifting her over-sized head. Starting from the top down, Barbie's head would be two inches larger than the average American woman's while resting on a neck twice as long and six inches thinner. Her 16-inch waist would also be four inches thinner than her head, leaving room for only half a liver and a few inches of intestine. AND like her fragile 3.5 inch wrists, her 6-inch ankles would prevent her from heavy lifting.

Just an fyi to how fucked up our society's standards are, especially for cis-women.

Yet, we're all running around trying to be perfect aren't we? We're all trying to change our body types into something we desire, instead of working on accepting what we've got.

We spend billions of dollars a year as a population on body changing surgeries, filling our bodies with plastics and jabbing ourselves with muscle-numbing needles, none of which have any research on the long term effects.

Most of the time, we hate ourselves. We wish we had that hair, that body, that nose, everything except for what we have, what we were blessed with. We want everything we are not.

And cellulite, don't get me started. We're scrubbing and pulling and tucking and loathing this condition that affects 90% of women. Some dimply skin, and we're condemning ourselves for having it and showing it? We're ashamed of our bodies because of it?

Our body is all we have. This one, right now, in this lifetime.

We all have a choice. Are we going to spend this life hating our bodies? Afraid to show ourselves because we're not happy with what we see?

Or are we going to accept ourselves, for how we are. Respect our bodies by treating them with love, by caring for them with good food, water and movement. And show ourselves, even if we don't look like Barbie, because we are proud to be us.

I have cellulite. I am one of the healthiest people I know. I am a plant-based, clean eater. I don't eat gluten or refined sugars, I don't drink much alcohol and I only have one coffee most days. I consume alkaline water, in abundance, take supplements, move daily, get plenty of sunshine and don't use any chemicals. I have been living like this for about five years. And I have fucking cellulite.

I resent this, I do. But I am also learning to love it. I take care of myself so well. I do love myself. I do accept myself. And I love wearing bikinis and shorts and embracing who I am, why should I miss out on this just because I don't have perfect perky boobs and smooth AF skin?

Stop trying to be someone you're not and start being in your body. Show yourself some appreciation for all that you are. So what if you don't have an hourglass figure, a smooth forehead and ample breasts? We're all different and that is the beauty of life. If we all had Barbie bodies, life would be pretty boring.

Be YOU because you are enough and you are everything. Never forget that.

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