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Resolutions SUCK. Intentions are where it's at.

So 2018 is here.

I feel for many people I have spoken to, they are all breathing a sigh of relief. I know I am. 2017 was a hard slog for me and I was not totally devastated to see it go.


If you resonate with that or if you're just feeling ready for a brand new year (new you and all that), then how are you going to ensure that 2018 is better?

I mean, there are many things that we can't control and we wouldn't be able to change even if a shit storm blew up around us again. But what we CAN change is our coping mechanisms, our negative behaviour patterns and our attitudes to be able to cope more effectively when we are challenged this year.

Resolutions aren't enough. 

We set ourselves up for dismal failure. Let's not start the new year out like that.

Instead, stop for a moment, grab your journal (or some paper or phone) and think about how you want to FEEL this year.

Settle on five feelings you want to carry through 2018, then think about why you want to feel that way and what experiencing that feeling would look like.

Then, circle your top three. And then your top one.

Write and repeat:

In 2018, I want to feel ...... I will experience this feeling by ..... When I feel this way, I will .....

My top three:




In 2018, I want to feel free. I will experience this by travelling, dancing, singing, being in nature, saying yes, seeking opportunities, chasing adventures and seeing things differently. When I feel free, I will be able to go deeper into being myself and embody this completely, enabling me to better serve others and form stronger connections with people. I will create more space for happiness, spontaneity and creativity.

I would love to hear and see your statements!

Send them to me or share on socials and make sure you tag me @cindrabanks.

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