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Nothing is random.

I can make things happen. Opportunities arise. I can meet people that help me. It’s not an accident and I wouldn’t necessarily call myself lucky. But I have stumbled upon this power I didn’t realise I had, and that power is manifesting.

Unbeknownst to me, I had been using it forever. But in a way that didn’t serve me. I had been using it to attract lots of shitty stuff into my life. Have you ever noticed that when you put your energy and attention onto the shitty stuff, you get more of it? You get stuck in it? That was me.

I was too busy focusing on what I didn’t want. When I finished school, I made a promise to myself not to stay in my home town. To never have a boring job. To never conform. FUCK normal! I’m sure that was my mantra. So I tried, tried, tried to do everything differently. And as soon as it started feeling too hard, I would move on. And on.

I kept focusing on what I didn’t want, and guess what, I got it. I had a drama filled existence. I was never bored, sure, but I was never committed to something long enough to let it be potentially a little dull. Off I was chasing people who lead non-conforming lives, even when my relationships with them weren’t good for my soul.

Off I trot, around the world and around in circles. Running from what I didn’t want. Without any consideration for what I did want.

It all came to a head and I was forced to look at my life. I realised that if I had the power to manifest all of these experiences, then I had the power to create more positive ones in the future. I have always felt this innate strength that I can change my life.

Unconsciously, I threw myself into a self development spree. I read and listened and went to retreats and workshops and slowly started to turn on my positive manifesting powers.

I didn’t actually KNOW I was doing this by the way, only in the last couple of years I have discovered what manifesting really means and how I can harness it more and more in all areas of my life.

All of a sudden, cool “random” shit started to happen in my life. It was at times when I was feeling really aligned and in flow. Where I was present in my purpose. Where I was doing something that raised my vibration.

Opportunities for yoga teaching. Opportunities to earn additional money. Opportunities to meet with inspirational people.

Opportunities are everywhere. If you are open to them.

I have met people in airports while charging my phone, little arrows from the universe to nudge me to keep writing my book. I have met people in gyms whilst travelling, that give me a creative spark and open further opportunities to travel. These are two specific examples that happened to me in the course of a week.

I manifest best when I am in flow.

And I know this is a power accessible to everyone.

It can literally change your life, and it never ceases to continually change mine.

Manifesting isn't always easy for me and I have to really work to keep my vibrations high and stay aligned with what I want. It requires me to be open, have an abundance mindset and truly believe that I am worthy of all I desire.

Sometimes, I struggle and everyday feels get me down and I lose the spark. But I am finding the more I practice, the more focus I put on self care in ALL FORMS, the longer I can stay in this space.

In my next blog, I will share with you my secrets for getting and staying in flow, and the self care practices I commit to so I can better flex my manifesting muscles.

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