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Why I always evolve.

Change is life.

If we avoid it, we can't move forward.

I pivot often.

This was brought to my attention by someone who has followed my journey for awhile now. They said that they admired my ability to constantly evolve and change direction. I thanked them and said something throwaway like, well if I don't evolve I get bored. Which is probably true. But the explanation is a lot deeper than that.

I have never felt settled or secure. Wherever I have been, I have wanted to go somewhere else. Location, job, relationship, past time. I have always been looking over there for what is next. I have never felt inclined to "put roots down" because I am not a tree.

Tides change. Seasons change. The moon goes through phases. The earth is in constant rotation. So why would I stay where I am?

I have moved multiple times in my life and never thought I would be settled here, in my home town. I wouldn't say I am "settled" now but I do have the love of my life here, with kids, so I won't be moving for the foreseeable future (unless I can convince the tribe to move to Bali, not out of the question). That kind of scares me, being here. But I do trust that I am where I am meant to be.

I have transitioned through jobs, many times over. The full time jobs I have held over the years have always made me feel trapped. They were never my passion. The casual jobs I have and had have all supported my passions and my side hustles. While I am grateful for them, my side hustle's are my number one priority. These are what makes me happy. What fills me up. What allows me to unleash my creative side.

And my side hustles have shifted and changed and moved with my own personal evolution over time.

From my school girl dreams of acting and modelling. To writing for Rolling Stone. To fashion, styling solo artists and bands. To running my own music business, managing and booking musos.

And then, away from music, to the holistic health arena of all places. Running my own business health coaching, personal training and teaching yoga, running workshops and retreats. To then co-owning my own yoga studio and podcasting. To then closing the studio to focus on a creative business, creating websites and managing social media.

To now.

All of this following my own personal revolution, my trials and tribulations, my ups and downs and roundabouts. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't followed my heart (I say that in the least corny way possible).


Society puts undue pressure on us to live a stable life.

"Own" a house and a car, although for most of us, the bank owns they're really not that stable.

Find a job that pays you a set salary, pays you for sick days and holidays and super for retirement.

Have a family, buy a tonne of things you don't really need to show everyone else that you're doing well, put all your happy snaps on social media so your followers can see how great you're doing.

Stability is safety.

Change induces fear. I know this. But change also encourages growth.

Stability leads to being stuck. Eventually.

It's almost not okay to change vocation or change partners or change where you live. But I feel like it's vital. You are probably not going to love the same job for your whole life. You quite possibly cannot love one person until death do you part. Your home town becomes static after a few years, unless you travel often.

Yet, we cling to the perceived safety of our stable lives. And feel challenged when others shift with their soul seasons.

Numerous times when I have pivoted my life, I have had to deal with push back from those around me. People don't get it. Why would you leave xxx when you had such a great situation going there? I would be asked. Because xxx isn't lighting me up anymore, I would think, but probably say something else.

Just like I don't think we can rely on one person to give us everything we need for life, I don't think we can rely on the same job/location/friends to fulfil us in the same way forever. Nor should we.

Evolution is the way forward. Right now, writing and podcasting and dreaming up how I can keep this feeling rolling is lighting me up. Sure, it could change. But I am so in tune with how things make me feel and if I am aligned to them or not that I know my body will tell me if it's time to change.

Change still scares me. Don't get me wrong. A friend asked me today how I felt about going out in business alone. Because previously I had done it with someone else. And I answered honestly, in one word, scared. I am shit scared. There is no-one to lean on. But I also trust. More than I ever have before. I trust the universe and I know if I just lean in and lean on myself this time, keep following the vibes and allow it to flow, then wherever it takes me I was meant to go.

So yeah, I'll keep evolving. I hope I never stop. And I know I'll by doing so, I'll stay true.

How can you evolve, right now? What's feeling stale? What needs to shift?

I'd love to hear from you -

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