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This is the recording from the live online workshop!


In the document you receive is the link for the recordings via Dropbox and the worksheet.

The lady-love masterclass, OOOOOH, this is the gold! If you are already relating to women or it is a fantasy waiting to be lived, you want to come to the Girl On Girl play workshop. ⁠

I will be talking about the vibe, the errogenous zones, techniques, unmasking myths and uncovering the deep well of intimacy available to women.⁠

This workshop will teach you:⁠

👅 How to initiate with women, as this can be the hardest part⁠
👅 Conversations you need to have around boundaries, experience, desires ⁠
👅 Different kinds of girl-on-girl intimacy (much different to what you have seen in porn)⁠
👅 What works and what doesn’t work⁠
👅 My fave toys and tools⁠
👅 How to make someone squirt⁠
👅 The different dynamics and energy of playing with women⁠
👅 Sexuality, expression and identity⁠
👅 How to meet women to play with (hint they might be on this call)!⁠

I have been relating to women for over ten years and can’t wait to share my stories, experiences and personal recommendations with you!⁠

The workshop will go for about two hours, full of fun, laughs and lots of info for you to take home with you!⁠

Individuals and couples (or more) are all welcome to attend.⁠

If you are curious about exploring with women, maybe it’s something you fantasise about and want to know more info, or maybe you already to relate with women and want to brush up on your skills and knowledge! I would love to support you in your pursuit of the pussy.⁠

When you purchase, you will receive a document with both the audio and the video of the workshop, plus the worksheet. 

Thanks for purchasing ❤️

Girl On Girl Play Workshop - Recording

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