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Mama, you deserve pleasure!


Just because you have had a kid (or more) doens't mean your pleasure isn't a priority. In fact, this is the time to really step into your pleasure, enjoy being in your body and expand your intimacy.


Connecting to your body, opening to pleasure and expanding your intimacy and being empowered in your sensuality is actually the best thing you can do for your kids and for your partner.


I coach mostly Mums who have lost their libido and become disconnected to their bodies, their pleasure and their sensuality and sexuality in the jouney of parenthood. 


They generally experience this lack of connection with themselves and their partners which causes a rift in the family. 


Together, we work on them becoming embodied, prioritising themselves and their pleasure, reclaming desire and confidence to share all of this with their partners too. My clients experience a sense of becoming reborn - Into a whole new world of pleasure, sensuality and femininity, they start to make positive change in their lives to reflect and make space for this expansion!


It's magic.


Are you ready to experience some of this yummy pleasure for yourself again?

If YES, then this masterclass is for you!


In this epic live experience, you will learn:


* How to reignite your libido


* Why it's important to prioritise your pleasure


* How to bring sensuality into your everyday even if you are busy AF


* Why being in your healthy feminine is imperative


* How to harness your sexual power


* To awaken your body, create safety and expand your pleasure!


We'll run on Zoom and will be doing some embodiment practices throughout this session. I'd love to invite you to wear something you feel sexy in (note, this doesn't have to be lingerie). Please be able to move in what you wear, have a quiet and private space to drop into this session.


You'll receive an exclusive invite on this call if this work calls you deeper!


All vulva owners welcome - Even if you aren't a biological Mum, we are all Mums of something/someone. 


When you purchase, you will receive a document with both the audio and the video of the workshop, plus the worksheet. 

Thanks for purchasing ❤️

Juicy Mama Masterclass Recording

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