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Embodied &


A six week program to become fully embodied and in alignment with your true self. 

Are You Ready To Live The Life You Deserve?

Join Cindra Banks for this transformational one to one coaching program, where you will move through your blocks to become fully embodied and be empowered to live an authentically aligned life. 

You'll emerge with more love for yourself and those around you, having shifted old stories and beliefs that sabotaged you up until now, learn to embody your fullest and deepest you and be that lit up, radiant and free spirit your dream of being. 

And all you need to do is say yes. 



I'm calling you in babe...If you are:

* Bold, but not living this fully

* Brave and ready 

*Frustrated with how your life has turned out 

* Disheartened with your efforts to move forward 

* Confused about how you got here

* Successful by society's standards, but not feeling fulfilled

* Knowing that there is more to life than this

* Yearning for a deeper and richer experience

* Open to woo woo ways of working (I work very intuitively)

* Willing to embrace positive change

* Ready to be a warrior woman!

InBODYment Mentoring Program

Get ready for all this (and more)

- Move through your blocks to living in alignment

- Shift your old stories that have sabotaged you in the past

- Learn to embody the fullest and deepest you

- Be empowered to speak up, show up and express your authenticity

- More love and acceptance for yourself (and those around you)

- Become a free spirit, the version of you that is lit up and radiant and ready to take on the world. 

Bold. Beautiful. Being. 

You'll emerge from this six weeks fully embodied and in alignment with your truth. 

And a women in her truth is POWERFUL beyond measure!

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If you are ready and...

* Stuck in your unhealthy masculine energy

* Are on the cycle of stress - control - tension - anxiety - spiral

* Feel out of balance within your body/mind/soul

* Don't give yourself permission to be free, expand and stick to positive change

* Feel not at home or welcome in your body

And want to...

* Bring your masculine and feminine energies into balance

* Access your intuition, higher self and unlock your creativity

* Be empowered and courageous to live life on your own terms.

* Enjoy playing, getting out of your comfort zone and having fun along the way!

Why I am ready to be your guide on this journey... 

I grew up being the good girl. Doing everything within my power to get my parents approval (love) and that of my peers too (respect). But alas, I never felt quite like a fit in.


I cut all my hair off in my final year of high school, I took up acting (and gave up swimming) against my parent's wishes, I applied for every university other than the one close to my home town.


On the outside I was winning, plenty of friends, great marks in school, killing it in acting and debating. On the inside, I hated myself. And this only amplified when I moved away from home and travelled overseas.

I had an eating disorder from the age of around fifteen through to my late twenties. I came out in my early twenties which caused lots of chaos for my loved ones. I felt rejected and ugly. I ended up getting diagnosed with depression and anxiety and truly hitting rock bottom. 

At was at that point, I made a choice. I could end my life or I could try and get better. Repair the relationship with myself. And this is where the embodiment began.

I committed to healing my body and my mind. I started yoga, going to practice daily at a local studio. I cleaned up my diet and started studying nutrition to change my relationship with food. I meditated every day, as well as daily affirmations and gratitude practice. I did this RELIGIOUSLY. 

I could see glimmers. I could see myself one day accepting this beautiful body that I had, this incredible mind.


I got deeper into my healing journey, seeing energy workers and guides. Going to workshops and retreats. Doing my teacher training, my holistic health coaching course, my embodied dance training...I finally got to the point where I could say I AM HERE, in this fucking epic soul, let's go!

This program is born from my journey, because I know you don't need to get to rock bottom to make positive change, you don't need to get to the point of facing the end of your life. Being in your body changes everything, learning to be present and be okay with yourself is the key. It transforms everything. 

Embodiment Alignment is LIVING!


What you get when you sign up for the Embodiment Alignment Program:

* Six one-on-one sessions via Zoom, so one per week for six weeks. Sessions are intuitive and are a unique mixture of talk therapy, meditation, visualisation, embodied movement, yoga, NLP practices, EFT, oracle card reading and more! 

* Support and check in via FB Messenger between sessions during business hours

* Embodiment Alignment Welcome Pack with personally selected crystal and signature essential oil blend

* Personally selected extra learning recommendations

* A life changing experience!


Your Embodiment Alignment Program is specifically tailored to your personal needs and desires. 

I work intuitively, so our sessions can look very different from client to client. 

 A typical format goes like this:

WK 1 - Your Intention - Getting clarity on this and identifying blocks to embodying it

WK 2 - Rituals

WK 3 - Your Story


WK 4 - Breaking it down - Addressing those blocks and stories head on

WK 5 - Alignment - Shifting into what you are wanting to call in

WK 6 - Full Embodiment - Movement and visualisation to bring it all to life!

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It's time to say YES!

Your investment for Embodied & Aligned is $1,500 for the six week supported program.

This can be paid upfront in full or in six instalments of $250 (plus $10 processing fee per payment). 


1. Book a free discovery call with Cindra here.

This is an obligation free chat to allow you to air your struggles, find clarity and learn more about the program and if it's right for you.

2. Either pay in full on the call and set up your payment plan, sign a program agreement and book in your first session!

If you have any other questions about working with me in this container, shoot me an email here. 

I'm so excited to help your transform you life babe xx

Get in touch.

Newcastle, NSW

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