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Vulva mapping, otherwise known as yoni mapping

Vulva & Anal  Mapping

Transform the relationship with your body, your pleasure and your intimacy.

How will I benefit from mapping?

In a mapping session, curiosity, intention and deep listening give space to the part of us that has often remained unspoken or has been referred to as private, off limits or even dirty. Receiving genital touch that is not medical, clinical, sexual, unwanted, unexpected or otherwise unpleasant, is normalising the territory and also rewiring the nervous system in the process.


This is a radical act of sexual autonomy and a quantum leap in making sovereign health choices.

Hands holding flowers, vulva mapping (otherwise known as yoni mapping)

What is mapping?

Vulva Mapping (also known as Yoni Mapping) involves skilled hands on and hands in touch to become familiar with your unique vulva anatomy, including anatomy of arousal.


It is a somatic experience of your genitals in an environment that is not clinical or sexual. It’s slow and intentional, a process that unfolds between two peers, where the person giving the mapping session is not playing the role of the doctor or sexual partner.


There is no therapeutic goal necessarily, although there can be. Often, witnessing is the medicine that we need the most to more fully embody our pleasure and claim the relationship with our genitals.


Arousal is not the goal but it is also not ignored or unwelcome. Tissues change with touch, that’s a normal physiological response and while shame may rise to the surface during this process, it’s a safe container for its unraveling.

Anal mapping is the same process, except we start with a discussion around the relationship with your anus and begin the bodywork with external buttock, hip and butthole massage.


This session is done lying on your stomach, so not suitable for pregnant women. 

You would be surprised how much shame, guilt and trauma we have stored in our buttholes. These sessions are usually one offs, and you will leave feeling deeply relaxed and more comfortable with your butthole.


The anus is directly linked to your nervous system, so we will learn anal breathing and you'll notice you feel much more regulated post session. 

Anal skills learnt in these sessions are handy to then take into anal pleasure exploration and confidence if wanting to pursue anal sex. 

InBODYment Mentoring Program

What does a mapping session entail?

Sessions include a guided process to drop into your body, coaching around the relationship with your vulva/anus, pleasure and intimacy and the mapping session (which can include massage). There is a short integration time post mapping, reflection and homework given to you to ensure the process continues after the session.

There is ZERO expectation of where we get to in these sessions, we very much go by feel and what your body is open to.

VULVA MAPPING - I do three sessions to ensure we take our time, you get space to process and we go deeper into the process each session. Often emotions, release, physical letting go and shifts in energy can happen!

ANAL MAPPING - Usually one session is enough, although we may do two depending on your body and your goals for the mapping. 

How do I prepare for a session?

You don't need to do anything or wear anything in particular, simply arrive on time and exactly as you are. Bring your nerves and your curiosity and anything else you are feeling! This is a completely safe space. 

Please note - If you are bleeding, I encourage you to come regardless. I have a free bleeding blanket and that is how I welcome you to show up. I will be wearing gloves too. Obviously, this can be challenging for some people so if you are bleeding, feel free to reach out to me prior to your session. 

Please don't worry about douching or particular cleaning or grooming for anal mapping. 

Cindra Banks, Intimacy and Relationship Coach and Vulva Mapping practitioner

Why would I come to a mapping session?

Curiosity or wanting to try something new is a great reason to come to a mapping session. 

Here are some others:

* If you want to increase pleasure and sensation in your vulva/anus

* If you desire to have an orgasm (or have more/more intense/varying types of them)

* If you want to know more about your vulva/anus anatomy, how it works and what it looks like

* If you desire to be empowered in your pleasure, to know where your sensation is coming from and what you might be able to work on to get to know yourself better

* If you want less tension in your genital region, to make space for more pleasure

* If you desire to work through past negative experiences in your vulva/anus and create safety again

* If you want to expand your self pleasure and/or partnered intimacy

* If you desire to start or deepen your relationship with your vulva/anus

* If you want to learn how to communicate better and be more confident in intimacy

* If you desire to be more present and open during intimacy, both solo and with partners

* If you want to increase your libido and connect with your turn on

* If you desire to feel more relaxed in intimacy, both solo and partnered and learn to receive better

* If you want to explore pleasure in a new way, learn to slow down and breathe (which will make your solo/partnered intimacy even hotter)

* If you desire to treat yourself to the ultimate self care, self love and self liberation practice of all time. 

* If you're curious, intrigued and want to know more!

This is a great introduction to coaching with me too. 


Vulva mapping testimonial
Vulva mapping testimonial
Anal mapping testimonial

Book in now and come experience the magic of mapping with me. 

Your investment for one session is $250AUD - Vulva Mapping is a three session process, Anal Mapping is usually one.


This booking is for the first session. You will receive an email with invoice and links to book sessions two and three if you are booking vulva mapping, please book your sessions two weeks-four weeks apart.

If you have any other questions about working with me you can shoot me an email here.

I'm so excited to help your transform you life babe xx

Cindra Banks, Pleasure and Intimacy Coach and Vulva Mapping Practitioner

Get in touch.

IG @cindrabanks

Newcastle, NSW
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