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Group Programs

Couples, vulva-owners & all humans, I got you covered with high value, fun and unique group offerings to help you have yummier intimacy, a more easeful relationship (or future relationship) and more confidence when it comes to your pleasure. For updated launch dates and early bird pricing, be sure to follow (and favourite) me on Instagram here. 

Intimacy group program for women called The Cum Back

The Cum Back

The pathway to all things easy relationships, better sex and open communication...So that you feel closer to yourself and your partner than ever before, no matter what type of relationship you are in!


The Cum Back is a framework for having those uncomfortable conversations that lead to more fun, more ease and more sex sparking a return of the illusive honey moon phase.


Your intimacy will feel like the thing you ‘should’ be doing to the thing you are both excited and obsessed with.


Five weeks to master ALL things INTIMACY (motivation, communication, pleasure) so that you can be confident, comfortable and ready to ‘cum’ like never before. The only problem you will have after five weeks is not being able to keep your hands off each other!


I believe that:


  1. EVERYbody can improve their desire for sex

  2. Intimacy IS a hugely important part of your relationship that needs constant attention

  3. AND sex and intimacy can be something you learn to do with ease, importance and FUN.


Which is why I created The Cum Back!


Here is the exact week by week breakdown of what you will be learning alongside other like minded peeps:


Week One - Your Vagina Isn’t Asleep (self pleasure, embodiment, putting yourself first)

Week Two - Becoming a CUMunication Queen (conscious communication)

Week Three - Ask Me Anything (integration week q&a)

Week Four - Making Intimacy Easy (non sexual intimacy, intimacy dates)

Week Five - Intimacy Everyday?! (Prioritising, scheduling, orgasm is not the goal, redefining pleasure).

NEXT ROUND starts in September, early bird is on now - Just $999 upfront until August 


DM on Instagram @cindrabanks or email me to enrol/enquire!

Pleasure Posse image, monthly pleasure and intimacy masterclass membership

The Pleasure Posse 

The Pleasure Posse is THE O-timate monthly date with yourself to ignite and take ownership of your relationship with s.ex.

It’s for you, if:


*You've caught yourself thinking the latest episode of MAFS is more exciting than s.ex


*You're done eye rolling at other women on IG who are connected to their bodies and ready to step into that space yourself

*You wanna get back on the horse after a dry spell



*You and your vibe go way back but it's getting old, you wanna know what else there is to play with


*You don't mind taking one step back to take millions of pleasurable, fun steps forward!


The Pleasure Posse has got you babe.

It’s the ultimate monthly hop on/hop off (get on/get off) experience...Because gone are the days when s.ex has to be a burden!


Bring your struggles and questions you couldn't possibly ask your partner or friends to our monthly calls and leave with practical advice, strategies and loads of info and inspo to ignite your relationship with s.ex.

DON’T join this month’s call though, if you:


*You're happy with lack lustre intimacy


*You don't want to have more and better s.ex


*You're not ready to feel empowered and liberated in your self and partnered intimacy


*You don't like to have fun. Because we'll be having a LOT of that in the Pleasure Posse!

What You get from being in the PP:


*ONE monthly group call (90 minutes) on a different pleasure and intimacy topic each time

*Your burning intimacy and relationship questions answered

*An epic Facebook posse to be part of!

Every second Thursday evening of every month. 

Just $69/month, including access to recordings of all previous calls and no lock in contract!

JOIN US - After you pay, please email me your Facebook name and I will add you into our community -

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