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Four week group program to reclaim, reconnect and reunite you with your body & your pleasure

Starts Monday 30th January online

Pave your way back to yourself, prioritise your pleasure and harness this to power up your life!

Let your pleasure drip through every part of your world, positively charging you up and those around you. This program will supercharge your relationships, strengthen your confidence and bring your nervous system back into alignment. 



Join me for this liberating journey, where you'll learn:

- How to create safety in your body (to be able to open to pleasure, sensation and intimacy)

- How to be with yourself, true presence and awaken to sensation

- Simple ways to connect and be comfortable with your body, body acceptance and moving through your blocks to this

- Pleasure practices (sexual and non-sexual)

- Embodiment tools you'll use for LIFE

- About your own pleasure anatomy (you'll be surprised)

- Why prioritising yourself and your pleasure is essential and how to do this (even when you're busy)

- Tools and toys for pleasure reconnection

- How to set boundaries and talk about desires with partners/family/lovers

AND so much more!

Including additional resources, meditations and ways to continue this work after the program ends.

PLUS you get access to a divine and aligned community of like minded women.


InBODYment Mentoring Program


* Sick of putting everyone/thing before yourself

* Exhausted from being in your masculine (doing) energy

* Tired of feeling disconnected from your body

* Aching for pleasure but unsure how to get back there

* Fearful that you might be stuck within your intimacy forever

* Wondering, "is this really it?!" about your life


Path To Pleasure
is the group program you have been waiting for, if:

You identify as a woman AND

* You desire to be friends with your body instead of enemies

* You want more pleasure in your life

* You're dying to meet you healthy feminine energy

* You're curious to know more about how to harness the power of pleasure

* You're craving more self care (those affirmations and at home facials aren't cutting it)

* You're keen to expand your knowledge and know yourself more deeply

* You want to know why your pussy is so important (and why you have neglected it for so long)

* You want to be surrounded and empowered by epic women

* You need some dedicated time for YOU. To do your work. To expand your existence.

What we create together will be pure magic!


Why I am ready to be your guide on this journey... 

I grew up being the good girl.

Doing everything within my power to get my parents approval (love) and that of my peers too (respect). But alas, I never felt quite like I fit in.


I cut all my hair off in my final year of high school, I took up acting (and gave up swimming) against my parent's wishes, I applied for every university other than the one close to my home town.


On the outside I was winning, plenty of friends, great marks in school, killing it in acting and debating. On the inside, I hated myself. And this only amplified when I moved away from home and travelled overseas.

I had an eating disorder from the age of around fifteen through to my late twenties. I came out as bi in my early twenties which caused lots of chaos for my loved ones. I felt rejected and ugly. I ended up getting diagnosed with depression and anxiety and truly hitting rock bottom not long after this. 

It was at that point, I made a choice. I could end my life or I could try and get better. Repair the relationship with myself. And this is where my RISE began.

I committed to healing my body and my mind. I started yoga, going to practice daily at a local studio. I cleaned up my diet and started studying nutrition to change my relationship with food. I meditated every day, as well as daily affirmations and gratitude practice. I did this RELIGIOUSLY. 

I could see glimmers. I could see myself one day accepting this beautiful body that I had, this incredible mind.


I got deeper into my healing journey, seeing energy workers and guides. Going to workshops and retreats. Doing my yoga teacher training, my holistic health coaching course, my embodied dance training...The one thing that really hit is when I started working on my SEXUALITY. I had a Yoni Mapping Therapy session and I felt like my pussy finally came alive. It really changed everything.

It changed the way I showed up to myself and my self development. It changed the way I showed up to my future relationships. It changed the way I showed up to work, which magnetically attracted people like you to work with me!

I developed a whole new way of relating with myself. A deeper understanding of my body, a better relationship with my sexuality, more respect for more pleasure and putting myself first.

I am fucking thriving, as you may have seen from my Insta. Sure I hit bumps, but really, my life is pretty golden these days. I continue to follow my path to pleasure and do the work, every damn day. I continue to make sexuality, sensuality and pleasure a priority because I know the magic that lies there, the potency is off the charts. 

My work was born from my journey, because I know you don't need to get to rock bottom to make positive change. Being able to be in your body changes everything, learning to be present and feeling like the queen you truly are is the key. Reclaiming your sensuality, being empowered in your sexuality and expanding your pleasure transforms everything. 

I have worked with so many women like you who are searching more something MORE in their lives. More expansion, more pleasure, more connection. We deserve this and we can have it, just as I did, so can you. 


I would be honoured to lead you to find YOUR fire and set your world alight.

Your path to pleasure is waiting my love. And it starts with you leaning in and saying YES.


My client's success stories

1. Lee

Came to me because she hadn't had sex with her husband for over twenty years. They  had a great relationship otherwise, there was just no safety or connection or communication around intimacy. Both of them wanted it back, they just weren't sure how to get there. L knew she was blocked in this area and she was ready to open up to it again. 

We worked together for twelve weeks, through lots of embodiment work, talk therapy, meditation, visiuation and self reflection. We discovered the moment that switched the spark off and worked on creating safety in her body FIRST, then reapproaching intimacy non-sexually with her partner.

Through self pleasure practices, commitment to reframing her beliefs and stories that didn't serve her and showing up even when it was uncomfortable and hard, L started to have regular connected, intimate, pleasurable partnered experiences by the time we had finished our course!
2. Soph

Actually just signed up to Rise because she was curious about it and knew she had some work to do on herself and her sexuality, she had no idea what it was (love that). Together, we worked on her boundaries around dating, which were spilling over in poor boundaries within work and friendships.

Literally two weeks in she has cleared her life of these men she felt she owed something to, whom she didn't really even like, and had opened herself up to an epic work opportunity which she potentially wouldn't had previously done before. She is manifesting her ideal partner, has opened up her sexuality and is confident in moving forward and continuing to expand this part of her life!
3. Kristen, Self Pleasure School

I previously ran a group coaching program called Self Pleasure School. Here is what Kristen had to say about it. 



What you get when you sign up for Path To Pleasure:

* You'll take part in TWO weekly Zoom calls as a group every week for four weeks (total eight zoom sessions), on Monday/Thursday evenings at 8pm AEST. All sessions will be recorded and you'll get the links straight after the call to access the recording.


MONDAY CALLS - Are hot seat coaching/group coaching calls. You'll get a chance to ask questions, float topics of conversation and brainstorm group concepts. You'll receive coaching support on every single one of these calls and often find that what everyone else brings resonates deeply for you too.


THURSDAY CALLS - Are a potent transmission, through embodied movement, guided meditation, journalling, reiki and yin yoga. A chance for you to drop in and integrate the work. Be lead and receive.

* A What's App group for questions/support in between sessions, reflections and resources shared amongst the epic community. 

* A life changing experience, that will positively ripple into every part of your world and beyond. 



 WEEK 1 - BODY - 

Creating freedom, removing blocks, leaning in to pleasure and flow. Body acceptance at its yummiest and easiest, finally.


Calling in clarity, listen more deeply, meet your inner saboteur. Learn to overcome resistance and low libido/sex drive.


Learn more about your pleasure anatomy, expand your self pleasure and befriend your pussy (perhaps for the first time)

WEEK 4 - YOUR PLEASURE MAP - Bringing pleasure into your everyday, non-sexual self pleasure and using your pussy power for work, relationships (including parenting). Pleasure manifestation to create your desired life moving forward.

Cindra Banks21 Completed Edit (1).jpg

Kind words from past clients

IMG_0235 2.jpg

It's time to say OMG YES!

Your investment for Path To Pleasure is:



This includes:

4 x group coaching sessions

4 x group transmissions

What's App group support between sessions.


This can be paid upfront in full or in eight weekly instalments of $110.


Pay your full amount here


Set up your instalments here 

Instalments from when you pay on this link and go for eight weeks. 

We start Monday 30th Jan!

If you have any other questions about working with me in this container, shoot me an email here. 

I'm so excited to help your transform you life babe xx


Get in touch.

Newcastle, NSW
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