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STOP having shitty fights and START having better conflict, that leads to more connection.


This is for you if:


  • You get triggered when talking about anything other than logistics (and even then…)
  • You dread conflict with your partner
  • You either FIGHT or you fully shutdown and you’re over it (and so is your partner)
  • You have no idea why and how things turn to shit, but you wanna find out 



  • You want to be able to talk about hard stuff and move on
  • You’re ready to change how you show up to challenging chats
  • You wanna be closer to your partner
  • You know you need to fix this comms stuff and are ready for a new perspective!


What you (and your partner) get access to:


Three engaging audio trainings (to keep)

One nervous system regulation meditation 

+  Intimacy Initiation masterclass (which you’re going to need after this).


Once you have paid, you will receive an email with the Dropbox link within 24 hours of your purchase, please check your junk!

Conflict To Connection: Mastering Challenging Convos audio training

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