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Learn how to seduce yourself and turn yourself ON with this self paced group program for YOU to embrace your sensual self!


You get TEN guided videos (plus a bonus vid) with self seduction practices (to keep for life), including:


  • Undressing ritual
  • Sensual self touch
  • Erotic genital massage
  • Naked selfie class
  • Embodied lap dance


And so much more, can’t give it all away now can I?!


This program will leave you feeling empowered in your sensuality and wet AF.


You’ll learn to flip the switch on seduction and feel the power of doing it FOR YOU, as opposed to for someone else.


This is what you need to take your pleasure to the next level babe. It’s juicy, it’s fun, it’s vulnerable. And you get to do it all in the privacy of your own home, whenever it suits you.


Included in your Self Seduction experience:


  • Ten self seduction practice videos + a bonus video
  • Extra resources in the Telegram group
  • A space to share questions and aha moments
  • Learnings that will serve you for a lifetime!


You will kick off your Self Seduction journey off with self connection and body regulation to create safety and give you tools to use throughout the program when you feel challenged. And then you will go deep, having a bunch of fun along the way. 


Meet your edges so you can show up more fully for yourself in pleasure and intimacy. YUM.


You have access to the Telegram group and the practices to download for life!


This program is for you, if you desire to learn how to seduce yourself and turn yourself all the way on. Many women I speak to are showing up for intimacy for the other person, therefore missing out on our own pleasure and presence and feeling disempowered and unfulfilled.


You get to flip this script in Self Seduction so you can enhance your own self pleasure, expand your intimate experiences and get more out of sex.


Your investment is only $49!


You will receive an invite to the Self Seduction Telegram group via email after you checkout - You can download Telegram for FREE, then find everything you need inside our group. Be sure to check your junk if you don't receive it straight away. All the practices are pinned in a Dropbox folder at the top, and then there are tips and playlists for many of the videos as well. You just head to the pinned posts at the top once you are in!

Self Seduction

$49.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
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