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Cut the cords.

The attachment is real. Energetic or otherwise. You gotta cut that shit.

From my understanding, cords are energetic lines that connect us to people. Like anything, they can be positive or negative.

Whether you believe in the power of vibration and the universe and all of that or not. You gotta admit that when things turn sour with someone in your life, you tend to cut all connections with them and only when that is done, you feel free again.

If you read my recent post (here) you'll know that I have been working on releasing someone from my life. And I thought I had.

Yet I was still checking their Instagram stories (because I was interested <invested> in what they were doing) and I realised that all of our joint accounts were still hanging around (not just bank accounts, I am talking Amazon, Netflix, all of it).

The energy of that is heavy. Consciously, you are doing all the right things to process and let the person go but something is still stuck. Holding you back. Holding the other person back. Keeping you both hanging on, whether you know it or not.

It's kinda like if you clean your fridge out, but accidentally leave a carrot in the back of it...It starts to decay and rot and decompose and the clean fridge becomes contaminated with this one little innocent carrot...

Why was I holding on to these connections?

Because I was scared of letting them go. Because letting them go meant the end. Looking at the Instagram stories keep the cord somewhat intact. It gave hope to some kind of future.

Being invested in the other person's life, hanging onto some kind of fucked up hope that somehow, we could go back to the way things were...SO not good for the soul. SO not aligned with the person I am, I want to be.

So. I sat down on the weekend and one by one, started removing those little fucking cords, no matter how thin and weak and insignificant some of them felt.

Cut through all of the accounts that were connected. Ceased looking at the Instagram stories (I promised a friend I would text her if I felt the urge to look). Unfollowed on Facebook. Ignored a text message that could have turned into a negative interaction.

I took some deep fucking breaths. I let them go. I had a nap. I felt freaking amazing. I felt fierce. I felt me.

(I am even smiling as I write this.)

Not coincidentally, I received a message from the person I had cut cords from a few days later trying to engage me in some kind of half-hearted, blame-feelings-on battle. I didn't reply.

Nope. The cords have disappeared. I feel lighter. I feel stronger. I feel powerful.

What are you holding onto that isn't serving you? How is it making you feel?

Don't hold on. Trust me. What are you even getting out of it by clinging on? Be honest.

Now. How are you going to start cutting the cords that are tying you together? It might be physically (like mine) or it might be mentally (so meditate, journal, practice affirmations) or it might be a combination of both.

You may need to cleanse yourself (ocean, nature, sage, meditate, shower/bath, journal) after cutting these cords and give yourself some time to process...

If you need support around cutting cords in your life, this will form part of my coaching program starting in March. If you wanna get on it, shoot me an email ASAP (, I have just one spot available!

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